March 27, 2018

Canada Goose

Join in on amazing waterfowl hunting expeditions with Mathieu Godard, the Canada goose specialist!

Come experience the thrill of the hunt with Matt as your guide and take advantage of his 15 years of experience hunting Canada goose.

We hunt in the largest migratory flyway in Eastern Ontario, where local Canada goose are found in high numbers, which allows for extremely successful hunting expeditions! Hunting Canada goose in Ontario has nothing to do with what we are used to in Quebec. Large quantities of birds are present during the entire season, from beginning to end. In fact, we do not hunt at all on Quebec territory, because we have had way too many bad experiences hunting Canada goose in Quebec. There are simply too many hunters and the hunting pressure is much higher.

Birds that are not shot at everyday are easier to fool!

For Quebec residents : considering you are taking a day off to come hunt with us, having a disappointing experience or wasting your time is absolutely out of the question. We are here to have fun, experience nature at its best and offer you top quality Canada goose hunting expeditions.

If you let us guide you, the $120 (approximate) value of your 1 year “non-resident small game licence”, which is mandatory for Canada goose hunts, will represent a much better investment. Come test your might against Canada goose, snow geese and ducks in the fall and snow geese in the spring.

We offer several interesting hunting packages. Please consult the hunting packages section for more information. Come take advantage of this opportunity! Let your instincts roar! You no longer have to travel 3 hours from Montreal to hunt Canada goose and snow geese. Just hop in the car for a 45 minute drive to Ontario and you’re here!

I guarantee a superior quality hunting expedition at all levels. You will benefit from services rendered by a passionate and dedicated guide, which applies all of his hard earned knowledge to offer you the most fulfilling Canada goose hunting expedition. Thanks to my many years of experience hunting each and every day, I have developed my own techniques and tricks of the trade and I know my fields in and out!

We hunt in Picton during the early season and Est of Ontario in October and November. We then return to Picton for the entire month of December and we also offer winter hunting expeditions in the Toronto area. We use the best quality decoys available and we hunt in field, as well as on river. We have absolutely everything you need for a successful Canada goose hunting expedition!

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