March 27, 2018


Join us for a duck hunting expedition in Ontario!

We hunt several types of ducks. We mainly hunt puddle ducks in the marsh, especially mallard ducks (green collar), black ducks, wood ducks and green-winged teal ducks.

This type of hunting expedition takes place from stable blinds, very often set-up on land. Marsh hunts allow for rapid fire, for the most part, on short distances. This is an excellent way to initiate young hunters to the sport and to these magnificent migratory birds. All possible efforts are deployed to provide a well-mentored and safe environment.

Duck hunting expeditions can be carried out on lakes, rivers and in field. All of my hunting fields are rented out to me throughout the entire year; which ensures exclusive hunting rights. These fields are on private property, where I am the only person allowed to hunt! Exclusivity is guaranteed!

I have carefully selected my duck, Canada goose and snow geese hunting fields over the course of several years of scouting and analyzing wild game behavior. I prefer to hunt of easily accessible terrain. You will not find yourself walking endlessly through the marsh or through the mud. Indeed, all of my fields are located at approximately one hour from Montreal and are accessible by truck. So no need to pack your waders!

Join us in Picton for an end of season duck hunt! We will be hunting puddle ducks in field and diver ducks on Lake Ontario. Contact us today for more information or to book your expedition!