March 27, 2018

Snow Goose

It is no longer necessary to travel 3 hours from Montreal to experience snow goose hunting expeditions! My fields are located in Ontario, which is only a 1 hour and 15 minute drive away. This magnificent bird is by far the most fascinating creature to hunt. And thanks to my 15 years of experience in snow goose hunting season after season, I have managed to develop my very own techniques and tricks of the trade to fool this majestic white lady.

I use approximately 1500 top quality decoys, retriever dogs, dozens of flying kites, several electronic calls of my own recordings and custom blinds created specifically for snow goose hunts. We will be hiding amongst the decoys, so the birds will literally be flying right above our heads. Ontario has been a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of birds for the past decade, because hunting was forbidden there for quite some time. In fact, spring snow goose hunts have only been allowed since 2012. The birds are therefore in the habit of staging in this area. Add to that the fact that I am very well established here and almost the only hunting guide covering these grounds; so when it comes to results, believe me it shows!

We hunt snow geese for a few weeks in November, but especially in the spring (from mid-March to mid-May). We follow the bird migration as closely as possible all over Eastern Ontario. The snow goose is a challenging bird to catch, but the joy of seeing vortexes of hundreds or even thousands of them land in the middle of our setup, is simply breathtaking.

Birds that are not shot at everyday are easier to fool!

For Quebec residents : the $120 (approximate) value of your 1 year “non-resident small game licence”, which is mandatory for Canada goose hunts, will represent a much better investment is you book with me in the spring. No reason to pass this up! Come experience Mother Nature like never before! Book your spot now!